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Welcome to the Suppes CPA App in Bandon, Oregon!

Suppes CPA's primary focus is tax planning and preparation, financial statements compilations and reviews. We offer taxpayer representations (i.e. an individual or business gets audited by the IRS).

We also perform accounting systems consulting (i.e. Quickbooks setups and troubleshooting, general bookkeeping consulting, minor computer troubleshooting).

Our office is also staffed to perform straight accounting services (i.e. bookkeeping, payroll, A/P, A/R, Base Calculations).

We also specialize in Transaction Analysis and Research (i.e. researching tax implications or proposed transactions, determining the validity of proposed financial position).

This app includes the Suppes CPA Mileage Log, with the following features:

- Grant the app permission to use the current location for the program to function properly.

- Each user must provide an email address and choose a password to save trip and download mileage log data. Please see the CaddiePal Privacy Policy, located on the app menu, for additional information.

Departure Page

- The Trip Purpose defaults to Business, but can be changed to: Personal, Vacation, Medical, or Other.

- Enter a Departure Location and Departure Odometer, which is recommended, but not required.

- Tap the Depart button and app will automatically record your departure location onto the downloadable spreadsheet.

Arrival Page

- This page automatically records and displays the miles traveled.

- Again, enter an optional, but recommended, Arrival Location and Odometer.

- Tap the Arrived button and the complete trip will record and be available for future download.

Settings Page Features

-Download Trip Data

- This will automatically email a spreadsheet, with the additional option to choose an additional email address (i.e. a CPA).

- NOTE: Also access the Download feature directly from the app main menu.

- Change an Email address or Password anytime.

- Additional privacy protection by using the Logout feature.

1010 First Street, Suite 240
Bandon, OR 97411