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Triple Oak Vineyard is located on a gentle southeast facing slope in the small historic community of Oakland, Oregon. Paul and Betty Tamm planted the vineyard in the year 2000 and began producing wine commercially with the 2005 vintage. Paul was the principal of Triple Oak Vineyard but after his passing in 2013 Betty has had to take over management. Paul was a research chemical engineer and a perfectionist. His engineer’s careful attention to detail carried over to the vineyard and he nurtured the vines resulting in grapes with a reputation as a quality product. Just two weeks after Paul died his wines received their first major award; a gold medal for the 2010 Tempranillo at the 2013 Greatest of the Grape. This recognition was followed with the top platinum medal at the 2014 G of G for the 2011 Tempranillo. Betty is now trying to maintain that quality and sustain the excellence of the product.

Triple Oak Vineyard is a micro producer (200 to 300 cases / year) of fine wines for the discerning consumer. My intention is to remain small and deliver quality products with good value to a limited number of loyal customers. After Paul passed away I scaled back on production but I’m now back up to the full complement of products thanks to vineyard and wine making help from my friend Geoffrey Faraghan and tasting room management by Nancy Rodriguez. The upcoming vintage, 2014 will include a Tempranillo, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Gewurtztraminer and a Rose of Pinot Noir. The white wines and rose are available in very limited quantities and are made available exclusively to members of my “Case Club“. In return for purchasing at least one case per year of Triple Oak Vineyard wines, members of the Case Club also receive a discount off normal retail pricing.

The name of the business, Triple Oak, derives from the fact that I live on Oak Street, in the town of Oakland, and the name “Tamm” means Oak in Estonian. While none of this was preplanned, I couldn’t resist acknowledging this remarkable coincidence.

The red wines are available for tasting and purchase at the Triple Oak Wine Vault located in downtown Oakland at 137 Locust St, in the historic old bank building. We also carry wines from several other local Umpqua Valley wineries and periodically showcase them for tasting. In addition, by appointment, we can provide private parties and catered events.

137 NE Locust St.
Oakland, OR 97462